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About Ashlea

Ashlea's love to entertain stemmed from growing up in a house where music was always played, and loudly at that.

Her stepdad introduced her to musical soundtracks and she became hooked. Putting on shows in her living room to her family where they would sit through another rendition of 'The Little Mermaid' while Ashlea used the sofa as the rock to perch on to sing 'Part Of Your World'.

After landing the lead roles in school productions, her mother sent her off to amateur dramatic groups and singing lessons where she learned more about the world of performance.

Ashlea had an old heart, and would spend weekends with her Nan, watching black and white movies and having a fascination with all things Marilyn Monroe.


Her debut solo performance was a local 'Stars In Their Eyes' competition where she then starred as her idol and sang 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'.

Her desire to perform saw her through college where she studied performing arts before she leapt into the real world at just 19. Here Ashlea took any job that was thrown her way so that she could continue to sing; from holiday parks and hotels abroad to cruise ships and panto. 

She spent many years wishing she could be born in another time, playing a lead role in a fabulous time gone by era musical film. 

Ashlea now performs as a guest entertainer as part of a harmony quartet across the UK and Europe, a vintage trio as well as performing as a solo act.

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